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Up To The Crime

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Interprete : VYBZ KARTEL

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Dancehall
Année : 2005

Texte :

No bwoy caan laywait mi a club
thugs ever strap if its even a slug, wha?!!
yuh waan step pon gangsta like rug
now look a who a swim inna him blood

mi nuh leff my gun,bullet neva fail
then is a war a war an if a jail a jail
gangsta nuh tek trail,when guns exhale
hallow-tip mek yuh skull crack like lobster tail

verse 1:
new york have di berretta from italy whey bitterly
glock specifically bruck bones like stickaly
magnum whey barrel long automatically
cau' mi nuh fight fist to fist like muhammed ali
speci kill the pitney shotgun fi kill di elderly
yuh granny face open like di toy store whey sell dolly
mi smuggle couple russian A.K from over germany
fi tek police from off di earth eternally,Easilly!!!!

verse 2:
gunz wid infared light
thats what i like
dem pick up inna night like NASA satellite
when yuh see it, what a sight
this dawg have bite
whey mek any shotta scream like 3 sadamite
bulletproof up like superman,bullet a cryptonite
when mi out yuh life sean paul caan gi it nuh light
mi bomb radio car and burn bike
and then mi exit like a tunr pike...Kartel!!!

see wha mi a say yuh nuh,up to the crime
you know its kartel
you know some niggas is crimeless
you know the type of artillery
we got more than the military

Poster par : billthomas

Erreurs, Ommission ou contenu illégal.

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