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Get It Back

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Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB

Texte :

Remember when
It all began
We were all in love
Then came the friends
Telling you when your time for me
Was good enough
I constantly had to compete
With you crew and their schemes
Back in the day I used to mean everything

[Refrain] :
If we could just get it back
(To the way it used to be)
My only wish would be that
(Nothing would change with you and me)
I remember how it was
(And I know that for a fact)
We were oh so deep in love
(If we could just get it back)

Now tell me why
All of them nights
You had so much to go
When you said bye
Sometimes I tried, I tried
To make you choose
Now tell me how you can allow
You boys to control the time
We shared it was unfair
But now it's time for you to know
(Now if I told you)
That I'm moving on
(Boy what would you do)
Things just ain't the same
(We were supposed to)
Conquer everything, yeah
(Boy let me tell you)
You're got to make a change

[Refrain] x2

(Do you rememebr)
The way you used to love
You would kiss and hug me
(I rememebr)
U haven't lately
(Do you remember)
All the things you gave me
Everywhere you'd take me
(Can't you see that)
I really really need you back


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